The Brahman Gang in Tokyo Revengers – Birth of the Gang, Members and a full Overview

The Brahman Gang in Tokyo Revengers - Birth of the Gang, Members and a full Overview

This article will talk about the Tokyo Revengers anime and the Brahman Gang. It will go into detail to explain who they are, what they do, and how they fit into Tokyo Revengers’ story.

Tokyo Revengers is a popular new anime that has been sweeping across the world. The show revolves around the protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki who suddenly can leap through time and wants to save his ex-girlfriend Hina Tachibana. This article, in particular, is about the Brahman gang, which was formed two years after Tokyo’s Sengoku Period.

As the manga is still running and the anime series has not progressed much, we don’t know everything about Brahman, but the cards are slowly flipping over in the manga version.

Birth of The Brahman Gang

The Brahman Gang in Tokyo Revengers - Birth of the Gang, Members and a full Overview

After the Toman decided to disband, there was unrest within Tokyo for two years, known as Tokyo’s Sengoku Period. During this period, many groups tried to seize power but were not successful in their attempts. This war era eventually stopped when three influential individuals claimed three-part of Tokyo as their Territory.

One of these powerful individuals was Senju Kawaragi, who became the leader of the Brahman gang. This is how the Brahman gang was formed. This era later came to be known as the Era of three Deities.

The Brahman Gang: Tokyo Revengers

The Brahmans have power over the Shinjuku Ward, which earlier was under Moebius. The gang has many adults, with the leader Senju Kawaragi being the youngest of all who is a school student. Most of the members are former members of the first generation Black Dragons.

The gang is more leaned towards a yakuza gang having various violent crimes registered against them. The organization aims to stop the gang, led by Mikey, and is now called the Kanto Manji Gang, which they think works against the principles of the former Tokyo Manji Gang.

The Brahman Gang in Tokyo Revengers: An Overview

Now they have managed to get the legend into their ranks, i.e., Takemichi Hanagaki. Takemichi was not ready to join a gang, but he decided to join Brahman because of their aligned goals. Takemichi has come again into the past, but this time it is not to save Hina but to save Mikey.

Members | The Brahman Gang

1. Senju Kawaragi

2. Takeomi Akashi

3. Keizo Arashi

4. Wakasa Imaushi

5. Ken Ryuguji

6. Takemichi Hanagaki

As I said, there is not much information up until now, but Brahman is definitely one of the crucial gangs. They might directly affect the course of events in the anime ahead and the manga as well.

I hope you like the article and were able to know more about The Brahman Gang. For more such updates and news regarding Tokyo Revengers, stay tuned to Animenite.

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