Sun God Nika | One Piece

Sun God Nika | One Piece

In Chapter 1018, we hear the name of the individual figure that appeared in ancient times. Who’s Who in the manga Chapter 1018 says that a guard mentioned him the name of a legendary figure when he was in prison. The guard particularly said that if one prays to the “Sun God Nika” in hopes of freedom, then Sun God always brought laughter to everyone’s lips and gets them rid of their sufferings.

So who exactly is Sun God Nika? Not to mention that there are multiple mentions of this God throughout the manga. We will tell you what we know till now about the Sun God Nika in this article.

Who is Sun God Nika?

Well, this is an intriguing question, but there lies a question within this question itself, and that is “Are Joy boy and Sun God Nika the same.” It is just speculation, but the name Joy boy resembles what Sun God did for the people who were slaves. They also find an apology written by Joy boy on the ponygylph to fish-men, which Robin confirms.Sun God Nika | One Piece

We are now coming to our original question, who is Sun God Nika. According to the narration done to Who’s Who by the prison guard, he had a positive aura to himself. He was a benevolent, heroic figure who was a friend to slaves.

Legend About The God

As narrated by the prison guard, the legend particularly states that Nika has been worshiped since ancient times by slaves who believed that he would eventually come to free them from their sufferings.

Based on his single, silhouetted appearance, Nika seemed to be a skinny, warrior-like figure with noodly limbs and flame-shaped hair. In this way, he can also be related to Luffy as the appearance shows bendable limbs, which is the same as Luffy’s devil fruit power.

TheorySun God Nika | One Piece

Based on the facts and evidence we have seen in the manga so far, the theory inclines towards the fact that Luffy is the successor of the Sun God. It is because of their very similar appearance.

We will probably be seeing this mystery unravel very soon, and we will get to know more about this ahead in the manga. Hope you liked the article. For more such content on anime and manga, stay tuned with Animenite.

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