Nico Robin: One Piece | The Devil Child

Nico Robin is a well-known name in the One Piece manga as well as anime and is also known as theDevil Child” and theLight of the Revolution.” She made her debut in Chapter 114 and Episode 67 of the manga and anime, respectively.

One Piece has been in the manga and the anime game for quite a long time now. The very nature of this Shonen jump manga has brought it to the top, and it continues to be on the top of the list. One Piece is written and drawn by one of the known artists in the manga industry Eiichiro Oda. 

Well, that is enough for the manga itself, but today we will talk about one of the main antagonists of this amazing manga series.

Profile | Nico Robin

Nico Robin serves as the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is a survivor of the West Blue island Ohara. Being the sole survivor, she is the only person who can read Poneglyphs, which is a forbidden skill and is considered threatening to the World Government. Robin ate the Hana Hana no Mi devil fruit, which gave her the power to reproduce her body parts at will. Nico Robin: The Devil Child | One Piece AnimeNico Robin is the sixth to join the crew but is the seventh member of the crew as she left the crew temporarily during the Water 7 Arc and later joined the crew again during the Enies Lobby Arc.  In the Japanese version of the anime, she is voiced by Yuko Kobayashi, Yuriko Yamaguchi, and Anzu Nagai. In the English version, she is voiced by Natasha Malinsky, Veronica young, Jad Saxton, and Stephanie Young.

Abilities and Powers

Nico Robin has a bounty of  79,000,000 berries on her head at a young age because of her ability to read Poneglyphs. Poneglyphs are stones marked with glyphs from an ancient language that can revive certain powerful ancient weapons that have the power to destroy the world. This is why the World Government fears her and tries to frame her in the act of destroying six buster-call battleships.

Remarkable Archaeological SkillsNico Robin: The Devil Child | One Piece AnimeNico Robin is an archaeological expert. She cleared her archaeological exam at a very young age of 8 and became a certified scholar. She also knows about the major figures around the world.

Physical Abilities

Nico Robin is not the most powerful in the manga series, but she has exceptional physical powers, which she honed during her childhood, mostly evading the Marines and the World Government. She has an impressive healing ability and has great stamina to back her up in any battle.

Her physical strength has significantly improved over the years. She can show her Devil fruit abilities with much control and agility now. Nico Robin has always been a great evader because of her childhood which demanded her to stay low most of the time and face her problems on her own.

Appearance | Nico Robin

Her appearance before and after the Timeskip is significantly different. While you can see a light tone to her skin before the timeskip, she exhibits a little darker tone after the timeskip. We can also see her hair grow long and dark post time skip. Nico Robin appears very calm towards her crewmates and is very sensible and logical in planning her thing out. She has a different aura to her personality, which makes her very likable in the anime. Robin also has these forewarnings and is the first to know if any crewmate will meet an ill-fate.

Nico Robin overall is a very well-developed character in the One Piece anime, and she has matured a lot over the year we have been seeing her and hope we will see more of her in the future chapters. To get more such wiki and anime updates, stay tuned to Animenite.

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