Is Power Dead in Chainsaw Man? – Is Power Really Dead? Explained! : Manga

Is Power Dead in Chainsaw Man? - Is Power Really Dead? Explained! : Manga

Chainsaw Man is an upcoming Anime Series that has created a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in all anime fans. But the major question that has shocked all the manga readers is Is Power Dead in Chainsaw Man? Well, the short answer to that question is YES. Power is dead in the Manga. But let us see how did she die and reveal the untold story behind this mystery.

This article will uncover the story of one of the famous characters in the Manga Chainsaw Man. Read this article until the end to know everything about the Manga and how Power died in the Anime.

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Chainsaw Man Manga

Is Power Dead in Chainsaw Man? - Is Power Really Dead? Explained! : Manga

Chainsaw Man is an upcoming series released in the fall of 2021, as announced by the MAPPA production. However, the Manga of Chainsaw Man, Volume 1, was released on December 3, 2018, and was completed by December 14, 2020. After MAPPA’s massive success in projects like Jujutsu Kaisen and the final season of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), MAPPA has finally decided to release another megahit anime series is Chainsaw Man.

As of now, the trailer of Chainsaw Man was released on June 27, 2021. The trailer for Chainsaw Man was released on a special occasion of the MAPPA Stage 202110th Anniversary Event. The release date for the Anime is not yet revealed to the fans, but as per MAPPA Studio’s official announcement, the Anime will be released by the fall of 2021.

Is Power Dead in Chainsaw Man? (SPOILER ALERT)

In the Chainsaw Man Manga, there is a character, Power, one of the famous characters among the fans. The recent event in the Manga has put a major question in all the fan’s minds, Is Power Dead? The answer for that is Yes, Power is dead in Chainsaw Man Manga. But Power’s death has lots of stories that need to be uncovered.

Let us see the different events that happened with Power in Chainsaw Man Manga.

Is Power Dead in Chainsaw Man? - Is Power Really Dead? Explained! : Manga

Power’s Life and Death

Power’s Life

To start with Power’s life, Power isn’t a human being. She is a Fiend of Blood Devil. Fiends are also known as demons or evil spirits. In this scenario, Power is the Blood Devil who took over a corpse and became the famous character, Power.

So, as for Power’s life, we can say that she is just a Devil who has taken over a dead human body and not an actual human being.

How did Power Die?

Power’s death happened on Denji’s Birthday. On Denji’s birthday, Makima and Denji were spending their time together in Makima’s apartment. Later on, Makima told Denji that she had also invited Power on his birthday. After some time passed by, Power came to the apartment and knocked on the door.

Makima told Denji to open the door so that she could kill Power. Denji got scared after hearing this from Makima, but he still opened the door. As soon as Denji opens the door, Makima kills Power with her devil abilities. Power was dead by only one shot with Makima’s Devil Powers.

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Power’s Revival | Is Power Dead in Chainsaw Man?

But her life isn’t over yet. During the battle of Makima and Denji, Power was resurrected with the help of a pact she made with Denji. Power can be revived if she makes a pact with someone that will drink her blood. She told Denji to drink her blood. Denji drank the blood, and the pact was completed. This pact allowed Power to resurrect for a short time.

Once Power was revived for a short time, she went up against Makima to save Denji. Power gave her blood to Denji to save his life and thus, killing Power for real this time.

Is Power Dead in Chainsaw Man? - Is Power Really Dead? Explained! : Manga

Now the question is that will Power come back to life?

The reality of Devils is that they can’t be killed. Once the devil dies in hell, they are reincarnated on earth in a human body, but they are reincarnated in hell if they are killed on the earth. But the plot twist is, they won’t remember anything from their past.

Now, keeping this in mind, I think that Power’s revival is possible, but she won’t remember anything from her past if that happens. Denji will have to start from the beginning to build up the relationship he once created with Power.

So, these are all the stories that were uncovered. To get all the latest updates on Chainsaw Man, stay tuned with Animenite.

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