Adam | Record of Ragnarok

Adam | Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok is a Japanese manga series written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and illustrated by Ajichika. The manga also has an anime adaptation to it which streamed on Netflix. This article is about Adam, who is the progenitor of Humanity. Make sure to read it to the end to know everything about Adam in Record of Ragnarok.

Profile | Adam | Record of Ragnarok

Adam is shown as Humanity’s representative in the second round of Ragnarok, where he is seen going against Zeus. He is the progenitor of Humanity.

Adam | Record of Ragnarok

Adam is the first human that exists and was created in the image and likeness of the gods. He, together with Eve, gave rise to Humanity when they descended into the human world. This is said to happen when they both were expelled from paradise. He is described as “The Man most Detested by the Gods” and “The Ultimate Survivalist.”

Adam made his first appearance in Record of Ragnarok in Chapter 7 of manga and Episode 5 of anime.


The appearance of Adam in Record of Ragnarok is tall, young, and muscular. He even aroused the gods by this supreme beauty. He has blonde hair and big sky-blue eloquent eyes.

Adam is seen fully naked in the Garden of Eden, but he covers his groin with a single classical fig leaf. He wears a knuckle buster in this right hand and loves eating apples.

“Is there any man that needs a Reason to protect his own children?” — Adam

Abilities and Powers

Adam | Record of Ragnarok

Godly Strength

Adam possesses infinite and incomprehensible physical strength. He is capable enough even to harm Zeus with his punches. This “Eyes of the Lord” broke Zeus’ neck with a single punch.

Godly Durability

Adam possesses durability on par with that of a god while still being just a human. He was able to challenge Zeus and his barrage of attacks in a significantly undermined position. He also survived multiple of Zeus’ True Gods Right/Left, an unavoidable one-hit kill.

Godly Speed and Reflexes

Adam can dodge attacks of Zeus within a tiny time frame. He was also able to avoid and counter the Zeus’ Fist That Surpassed TimeΒ attack. None of the other gods could see this attack because the punch is in itself so powerful that even time itself comes to a halt.

Invincible Will

Brunhilde stated that Adam possessed the strongest will of Humanity. This will could be seen in his clash against Zeus. Even after death, he still kept attacking Zeus.

Eyes of the Lord


Adam was a man designed in the image of a god. He could perfectly replicate any move and technique he could see with his eyes, including the ones being used by divine beings. He could even replicate and perform Zeus’ Fist That Surpassed Time just by seeing it a single time. One limitation of the Eyes of the Lord is that it puts a certain amount of strain on Adam’s nervous system.

Hand Combat Proficiency

Adam is very proficient in the art of unarmed combat that is on par with the unarmed combat abilities of Zeus. Eyes of the Lord also assist him with his hand combat skills.

Animal Intuition

Adam was created to rule over every living creature that moves on the ground. Because of this, most animals appear to be naturally friendly towards Adam. He is also capable of talking with animals.

Techniques | Adam | Record of Ragnarok

Meteor Jab

Meteor Jab is a continuous barrage of rapid-fire punches. The speed of punches increases tenfold with every punch.

The Serpent’s Claws

Adam once copied The Serpent’s attack while he was in his true form. Adam’s hands grew three times the size, gained black-green scales and sharp bone claws.

Divine Axe

Divine Axe is a mighty leg sweep that can bisect anyone who is hit with it.

The Fist That Surpassed Time

The Fist That Surpassed Time is originally the move of Zeus, which Adam copies with the help of his Eyes of the Lord. It is faster than the time itself, as the name suggests.

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